Dramas having a relative side of Kimchi. The Fangirl’s Film Review: She’s Dating the Gangster

Dramas having a relative side of Kimchi. The Fangirl’s Film Review: She’s Dating the Gangster

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Kmuse & Clkytta carry on their foray into reviewing Filipino films with regards to next pick She’s Dating the Gangster. Come hear their thoughts about pretty OTPs (One True Pairings) & unanticipated plot twists.


Athena Dizon plays a trick on campus heartthrob and boy that is bad gangster, Kenji de los Reyes.

leading to an arrangement to pretend become fans so as to make Kenji’s ex-girlfriend jealous. Quickly they are dropping for every single other while life attempts to tear them aside.

Daniel Padilla – Kenji/Kenneth

Kathryn Bernardo – Athena/Kelay




KMUSE: As soon as we are speaking about Cinematography i do believe the character should be discussed by us’s styling instead. There actually hasn’t been quite a bit to state concerning the directing since most of the programs are standard rom-com recording. However the clothes and hairstyles are often unique.

KMUSE: there is an overwhelming level of late 80’s early 90’s styles all meshed together in this film. So when we state overwhelming, we literally suggest overwhelming. My eyes failed to understand what to spotlight. Inspite of the clothes that are bright Kathryn & Daniel’s chemistry shines through.

CLKYTTA: okay, I became a teenager into the 90s and I also don’t remember half these appearance. I wish to provide a raise your voice to Athena’s makeover locks however, I’d a complete great deal of buddies with this cut. I’d a very hard time with the train wreck of clothing alternatives though, it was pretty apparent that somebody who wasn’t a young adult when you look at the 90s picked the costumes.

The Plot:

KMUSE: I became so conflicted. Anytime our OTP (both the current and versions that are past arrived on display screen I became completely enthralled.

those two may do no incorrect with regards to adorable hijinks that are romantic. Then again the plot that is actual of film crashed back in focus once they are not being all couplish and I had not been extremely pleased. we was maybe perhaps perhaps not a fan for the entire illness plot twist that is tragic. And undoubtedly, the ex girl infection aspect pissed me down a lot more. If only that when they needed to split up it was for a much better explanation than Kenji’s initial gf having cancer tumors and wanting him back again to be a difficult support. Extremely really lame https://asianwife.net.

CLKYTTA: we detested the plot. Those two (couple through the past) took noble idiocy to a complete level that is new. I’m sure a drama needs a little angst, but this an element of the tale completely destroyed me. It made zero feeling to own both love passions be unwell. Really the only positive was that the OTP oozes chemistry and so they carried this film through most of the plot that is bad and crazy clothing.

KMUSE: I happened to be additionally perhaps perhaps maybe not an admirer regarding the twin timelines. We myself don’t think it required it. Not forgetting I happened to be unhappy that people just got our happy ever after utilizing the couple that is modern. It sorts of reminds me personally of these romances where in actuality the love that is truen’t take place plus they die alone limited to some future reincarnated versions to locate love. Except, it wasn’t also an actual reincarnated type of our OTP. It simply does not work with me personally.

CLKYTTA: Nevertheless fuming in regards to the previous love story, should they had offered ex-girlfriend Athena a good smidgen of the redeeming story arc before tossing your whole cancer tumors ball at us i possibly could rely on him sticking to her. We liked our modern couple plenty, and truthfully I think this would have been so much better if they had just used a few select flashbacks instead of the whole dual timelines.

General Review:

Kmuse: we give this film a 5.5/10 due to the huge dilemmas we had using the plot. I simply can’t accept that Kenji willingly went into a married relationship with an other woman mainly because she had been unwell. Having said that, we provide the OTP moments that are cute 8/10. When they certainly were on display screen we completely forget just just how pissed off I happened to be in the plot that is odd.

CLKYTTA: I give this film a 4/10 because passion for an OTP is certainly not a reason that is really good very speed a film.

The OTP is definitely an 8/10, these are generally bright, shiny, and enjoyable, and I also like to keep viewing more films with them. We just actually wish that the writing is way better within our next film.

We viewed this film in the Filipino streaming website TFC tv where we view all our Filipino film reviews legally. Kmuse are doing overview of your website into the not too distant future to inform you the plusses and minuses to being a subscriber.

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