India History – Reality of Hindu Caste System

Hello guys! We welcome you to Indian wealth, we welcome you to the Indian treasury that we observe and analyze ancient Indian stories and scriptures, mention symbols and old Indian rituals given in them. So let’s know what knowledge is hidden within them, so let us tell. Find out more stories and scriptures .. What is hidden in the scriptures? Friends, today we will talk about the caste system. You all should already know that whenever we talk about caste, it is defined in these four categories: Brahmans, Kshatriya, Vanish and Shudras. But the real meaning of caste in Hindi is ‘caste’ – which in the scriptures. Defines one’s community or group in which one wishes to live, however, the four categories we are discussing actually refer to as ‘characters’ – which defines the nature of the work Is, the person who does according to his skill.
it is very sad that due to being in the society people of these categories are discriminated extensively and inequality still remains and it is coming to know that Why? Because we try to tag people with a ‘varna’ from birth, a ‘varna’ cannot be determined from birth because it is not only me, but our scriptures also say the same as this Bhagavata The Gita is quoted in 18.4. It is also described in the Shanti Parva of Mahabharata. Let’s first understand what Scripture precisely means by the ‘Gunus’ fold, the ‘nature’ or ‘virtue’ basis on which a person’s vocation was determined in the Olden Times, and also the social order on the Gunus basis.
It was done how in modern times we have human resource management, every candidate who comes for a job in a company goes through the human resource department, they test the skills, knowledge and qualities of the seeker and According to his credibility he is offered a position according to the Bhagavad Gita. Let us assume a party scene that a youth enters a party and within a short time starts drinking in ecstasy, he goes to the dance floor and starts dancing with super enthusiasm thus ‘Rajas’ Guna ‘is these traits gave rise to Rajas Guna. Now another person enters this party. She is not very much interested in joining it.
She does not interact with any friends, seems lazy and is getting bored. Such features may be of ‘Tamas Guna’. Now a third person comes and this person comes and interacts with everyone and he mixes with people and has a limited drink and he is created in the environment and he fulfills himself with intelligence . Such qualities are in this world of Sat Guna. Every person is a mixture of these three gunva sattva, rajas and tamas. Some percentage is in each person, but this percentage is different from these three gunas, any one person is always a person. Let’s take an example.
Let us take an example. A couple is fighting in a house in a colony and in a while the husband meets violently and starts beating the wife and the sounds of screaming spread in the area. At that time a neighbor Tamsic thinks with Guna why I get upset, whoever is happy make sure that doesn’t impress me, although a neighbor with a chief king Gunn will get angry and think about placing bets in a fight but a Satvik Guna. Dominant neighbors would prefer to call the police after judging the situation. Now that you have understood Gunus better, let us understand that it is broadcast as characters for individuals. Suppose a person has 70% tamasik guna 20% rajasik guna and 10% satvik guna, we can say that a person with such combination has symptoms of shudra varna.

And are easily attracted towards material pleasures, such a person has less sativa qualities, so every work has to be explained to them and explained in detail, so people who had such symptoms in old times, they should Service related job was given, if we compare the modern era then the executive and workers who need to be told about everything to get the job now assume that a person has 25% vengeful times 40% Rajasik Gunna and 35% is sattvic gowna. We can call a person with these symptoms as Vaishya varna. Such people have almost all the qualities, they are intelligent, enthusiastic and are also attracted to material pleasures. In olden times people with such characteristics were given the responsibility of doing business if we compare it to the modern world. Senior executives, mid-level managers believe that a person has 10% vengeful fold, 20% satvik guna but 70% is Rajasik Guna.
We can say that persons with such symptoms are of Kshatriya varna, they are passionate and are moving fast and hence they are risk takers. Old-timers such as those who were in the army. If we compare our world with senior managers, vice-presidents etc. who are risk-takers, then suppose a person has 10% vengeful fold, 20% royalty fold but 70% Satna is Guna This is because at birth no person in this world is by default the Shudra varna because the qualities of a new birth are not developed and are unknown about the things that a child’s varna once exposed to. Goes, when he grows up / She grows slowly with her sins. Education, Knowledge and Skills So in our Vedas, Shudra varna is called foundation and other varnas are called Dwij varna, so we can conclude that the varna is automatically changed according to its ratio of virtuous sage Vyasa to a Shudra caste. Was born a woman but Kama became a Brahmin and created a great epic. She was raised in a Shudra caste family and was rumored to be a goon in her early days.
She also acquired a Brahmin character from her work but when the time With the flight of Varna, people became corrupt and started identifying people with surnames and it became a family. The tradition of passing on Varna is another thing that many people in India have mentioned in Vedas that Brahmi n Bhagwan The varna outside the head of Vishnu came out of his hand, was of the Kshatriya varna, came the Vaishya varna from his stomach and from his feet came the Shudra varna, first let me make it clear that there is no mention in the Vedas that any varna came out. It was mentioned about the body of Vishnu that Vishnu has a Brahmin character in his hand, Vishnu There are Kshatriyas in his hand. Now imagine, if an infant is born from the mother’s womb, we will not say that the child is the mother’s stomach, then why is there such a mention in the scriptures?
It is deliberately mentioned in the Vedas. Vishnu is a metaphor, representing any group of People’s Egg, if representing Vishnu then a Samaj Brahmin varna decided that part of the society is the head of a country in the modern world, the hand of government in the hands of government Kshatriya was the same. In modern times, the army works for any country. Similarly, like Pet of Society Vaishya Varna, modern day businesses and companies and the feet of society were Shudra varna. Can be compared with. In this varna system any group will meet you at any of the four levels that apply to any group or organization, but friends simply because the Brahmin varna decides that they have become varna and are rendering service to the Shudra varna, so they Have become inferior because they are not the head of a body. It is as important as the foot of the body is for any human, so this concept is mentioned in the Vedas as a metal telling Vishnu that we are actually I can use this caste system in our life. You can evaluate people based on your gun and recruit them according to your needs.

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