World Genesis History Details Information – Part 2

Now, we are on part 3 “World Genesis History Details Information” to look along the path here. This is a great place here salamanders. They are generally very beautiful, a time of year when they are very easy to find, but they love this water. A lot has been found – there must be a lot here. This is – oh yes. Here is one here. There are many differences of salamanders in this particular area, with little variation in each case. Note that this man’s living color matches his. And they do – all different color variations do to go to the rocks where they blend just right. He is just looking at you. Say hi, wave. But note, they know this – there we go.

There is – teeming with life in this place. You have clearly come to know that this is the water life caused by water, which is a diversity of life compared to what we normally see. But you find algithet growing in water, disgusting stuff. You have got inside the water, you will find — we cannot see it, but there will be fossil types of bacteria, there are microorganisms eating the bacteria, you have found these leaves that have fallen in this area from the trees, and you Within the leaves, you have fungi that – uh, fungi specially made to take that material – plants, to break down and leave – not only enough to eat them, but again, in that Reciprocally, they put nutrients back into the water, which becomes nutrients for other plants. So you’ve got plants here, you’ve got animals here, a little sea.

You’ve got bacteria, you’ve got algae, you’ve got protozoa, you’ve got the whole inequality of life. Large differences in the area of ​​organisms are displayed here. And then there is something invisible, which you cannot see, too much. In fact, thousands of times more. The assumption is, if you took all of the plants, and all the animals that are on the surface, that you can see, and put them on a scale, that the bacteria that you don’t reach the top few meters of the soil Can actually see, all of the plants and animals will outweigh. It is difficult to focus around.

In fact, in geology, we are actually starting. We dig deeper and deeper into the core, we are finding bacteria kilometers, two kilometers, miles below the increasing concentrations along the surface. Not decreasing, which you can expect. So we are beginning to think that organisms have a total organism, or total mass, more miles down than organisms on the surface. So this is – this world is just full of life. Then, that picture of God. God is a god of life. And he puts life into creation, and he puts it everywhere. It is floating in the atmosphere, it is clearly rising, living in the surface, but it is also deep below the surface.

You find it in the glaciers, in the snow. You find it below the oceans, in the middle of the oceans. There is no place on earth where you do not find creatures. We find them everywhere within us, and around ourselves, outside ourselves, within rocks, outside rocks. And this is – God created life in such a way that this creation that we can see dripping with life, as the picture of the God of life. He wants us to see life. But his life is invisible. We can’t see it. But he wants us to understand this. Therefore, I believe that it is the creation of its nature. He puts life into the physical organism that we can see. So we have some understanding of what life is, and then it is filled with the creation with it.

That’s why we see life about ourselves. And then all those attributes of God, he wants to show his will – the relationship between the Godhead members, the mutuality that exists there, where each member loves the Godhead and interacts with each other of the Godhead. Therefore he puts reciprocity in such organisms – these organisms. Therefore we have creatures here who are working fully to develop this community of organisms. You just see it here, a few square feet. But this is true on the whole planet. And it’s kind of quiet here – in places that are very difficult for life to exist, like a desert, a glacier, you think there will be no life. Life is. But there, it is more important than organisms work together to live in that difficult environment. Yes. So then, it is like a picture that we are going to live as humans.

When times are tough, we must go through greater reciprocity to work. Not just to survive, but to flourish those conditions, and to show God’s excesses to the world. We are about to dot in our lives because God created us to do so. The whole notion of relationships is due to the nature of God, which is for all eternity. And he seems to have built an entire with these important, divine relationships. And we are only checking on the surface to understand these things. We have only begun to understand those

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