World Genesis History Details Information – Part 1

In the book of Genesis it is stated that the sons of God came among the daughters of men, they produced a hybrid child, called the Nephilim, or the fallen, who are referred to as giants or mighty and some among whom Were 8 and 15 feet tall it is not only given in the Bible, but it is also given in Sumerian languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat some gods had sexual relations with humans and the offspring were legendary, there is a wealth of mythology and we have these old myths With modern languages, angels change the word to supernatural, at the beginning of time when humans had sexual relations with humans and were the products of this sexual contact, is it possible that as soon as geneticists were able to identify the human genome Will continue to decode, they will find that there is a missing link between our various hominid ancestors to heavier beings from another world.

Ancient dna is probably the most important field of study for me in all my works because the potential is here that we are modern I can find direct evidence of human ancestors It is likely that you will find the pedigree of a race of giants. It may be that some humans have traces of Neanderthal dna. There may still be traces similar to alien human giants. Scientists still believe the discovery of ancient astronaut theorists Is that the answer is deep in yes and suggests that further insights may be revealed in early judicial texts that give a curious account of the world’s first man, known only as the Book of Genesis chapter 6 goes.

The story of creation and this section of the generations of Adams and Eve contains a curious passage in the Bible that contains a very interesting teaching in the old Kabalistic traditions, which tells the mythology of the temple’s time that our definition was originally a The giant was Edam. The race was not of the same physical stature as we humans today claim that the original endemic race was the Gian ts ts. It is a legend of symbolism or something real that was a biblical atom.

A giant could be that all of humanity Are descended from a race that was much larger in height and there was a time on earth when giants were prevalent and humans were an anomaly when we look at the modern evolutionary cycle for humans, it is still placed on the shoulders of Darwinist thought Is so that whatever happens, steps outside of those perspectives are usually challenged. Mainstream sciences have very rarely wrapped their heads around the idea that mythology has a lost race part supernatural part human Maybe, the giants were a fact that they were present that we are missing, the bones of the giants from time to time. Anthropologists found some big bones but then other anthropologists opposed it but of course the giants were present in the past and they were extroverted. And were the result of an amalgam between humans, which are incredible megaliths.

Do structures. Repeated religious traditions and reports of huge human remains in culture after culture represent the remains of the lost civilization of giants and if it could be that these giant creatures actually had a hand in the creation of mankind, So perhaps one day soon concrete evidence between this link will come to light humans and giants finally come to light and we will know that mankind has a true history within the mythology of our ancestors.

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