How do the earth and stars showcase God’s design? – Dr. Stuart Burgess part 3

Now we are on part 3 of “How do the earth and stars showcase God’s design? ” when you see the pieces and parts that have to be in place, that’s why you look at all of this and say that it couldn’t have happened with random processes. A part of the design of my research systems, and I remember Amy Space Craft Engineering, a spacecraft is a very complex system with lots of different sub-systems. It is impossible to fix that bottom. It has to be designed top-down. It would be ridiculous with nuts and a bolt and a washer, and a complex system is expected to be developed. But this Earth has an agriculturally complex system compared to spacecraft.

Well, Stuart, I remember that I was designing software, that as you said, we didn’t start a line here or there. We started the overall design. And I understand now, you are working on a very interesting project. You are working on some Olympic biking, is that right? This is right. My current project is for the British Olympic cycling team, the World Championship and designing transmissions for the Olympics. What we have done is redesigned their range, and sprockets, the entire transmission system, is going to achieve a very high efficiency to enable us to compete better American, and other teams I’m sorry about that. Therefore we have a highly optimized transmission system.

When we did this, we had to top-down it. This is what an engineer does. How do I teach my students? The way you design is not meant to develop step by step. I tell them that you will not do this. The way you design properly to design top-down. You think about the overall functions, the overall system, then you plan the subsystems that will work together and build the overall function, and only when you set up the system do you design those systems , And when you bring all the parts together. , You have this complete system.

So what you see is in an system transmission, an irrigable system, where multiple parts are needed to make the beam work. Therefore the bicycle does not work together for everyone. This is right. And if a link is broken, the cyclist goes nowhere. The ideal work of everything can be that it is like my truck that you have just passed by me. This one little thing goes wrong, and it becomes dead. All you need to do is stop a small change in one of the replacement water and air properties, and WhatsApp will break. This is one of the reasons I think there is too much confidence for design, because the world is more complex than a bicycle, or a spacecraft.

Well Stuart, who brings these two paradigms. Because what you are saying, from an engineering point of view, is the paradigm that moves everything from the bottom up, so to speak, and evolved from small pieces, as opposed to actually designing any system. This is right. And also, I do research in design in the natural world, I have done research on trees, and birds, and pests and the human body, and what I see in natural systems is the same kind of mechanism that I see in engineering Am

Now, in engineering, whether I am designing gearboxes, or bearings, or structures, they are all irrediable designs. They cannot be removed step by step. So I can not give up any hope to develop anything in this world. So as we see plants around us, the process of photosynthesis, all the pieces and mechanisms of photosynthesis to be there. Absolutely. A plant is an irrelevant system, because it produces food to live, but it cannot produce food unless it has chlorophylland to produce by photosynthesis, so in that plant Everything has to be together, and no authentic plant develops step, and I do not have any proof, because you cannot grow like a complex system.

So, if you step higher, then the plant has sun, and earth, and nutrients, and water, and also air for the cycle, it’s just more complicated. So this brings us to the issue of sun. Because we don’t have that yet. How do you see it? Well, the Bible states that God is light. So God does not need to greet the sun to produce light. At those first numbers of creation, God was only producing lightfrom to his own person, and indeed, perhaps God was conveying here, that he did not want to think that light only comes from the sun. It was to clarify that light, fundamentally, comes to God Himself. But now the stars, you kind of think, man, they are so far away.

What purpose do they serve? I think there are different purposes. One is to state the glory of God, and God is very glorified, so you need many stars to announce it. Secondly, the stars are its sign and for the weather. And it is very surprising to think that God created the stars of the entire universe to give a calendar system, so that we can know what time season it is.

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