Why the Creation Issue Matters – Dr. Del Tackett

I think I’m the first one upin regards to this issue that’s listed on your schedule. To address whyI’m a creationist. I think that’show it’s stated there. And so I’ll just give you someof the basic reasons. No doubt that all of the folks that you’ll hearfrom on this topic or going to share muchof these things. But I have to beginthat I am convinced that the very nature and character ofGod is consistent with reading Genesis asa historical narrative. I’m absolutely convinced that it is the very natureand character of God that is expressedin those words in Genesis 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, and all the way through the critical passagesthat we’re talking about here in Genesis11 and what he did at the Tower of Babel.

That’s all consistentwith his nature. It’s not inconsistent. And I am convinced that God can speak and bringanything into existence. And he did. He brought all thingsinto existence by the breath of His word andthat of course was Jesus. He did that atthe wedding of Cana. He raised the dead and Hebrought everything into being. So I’m convinced that it is consistentwith the nature of God. And I’m also convincedthat the other approaches that we see do violenceto that nature. In particular thenotion of evolution, that God used that processof death and suffering, and the strong eating the weak. That is inconsistentwith the God that we know from Scripture. So I would begin there. Second of all, I am convinced that the genrethat is presented to us in Genesis is the genreof historical narrative, and then it mustbe read that way. It cannot be read any other way. And the only way you can read itin a different way is if you first are comingwith some other source of truth that requires you to do so.

And again, we know that the Scripture does presentto us different genres. And yet the Scripture,I believe, is very clear when there is a genre otherthan historical narrative. So I’m convincedby the Word itself. The next thing, I think, is that we’re asking not justwhy I am a creationist, but why I am one ofthose young earth creationists? I think one of the first thingsthat solidified this in my mind, and honestly, I cannot I cannot thinkof a day in my life when I was not. And the reason why is because I grew up as a kidreading the Scripture and it was the clear naturalreading of the Scripture.But it was, I believe, it was God’s presentationto Moses on Mount Sinai in the Ten Commandments. And in the very clear reading of what we callthe Sabbath command, “…for in six days God madethe heavens and the earth. There are other scripturalmessages I think that convinced meof this position over and over again.

I don’t think that the Scripture refers backto Genesis in any other light except the fact that it’sa historical narrative. I don’t think that Jesus, when he’s referringback to the beginning and to Noah and those things that He’s using itin any other way except as historical narrative. So from what we would callthe special revelation, I believe that allof that is convincing to me. And again, as we have spokenearlier, I believe that we have to beginwith the Word of God. It is from the Wordof God, then, that we begin to interpretthe world around us. Second of all, I am convincedfrom General Revelation, from what we see around us. I was telling somebody,a couple of you the other day. I was sitting on my deckjust two days ago, just before I came. And I had a sandwichin my right hand, and I was reading an email. All of a suddena hummingbird flew in and was hovering rightin right in front of me. I don’t know whether he was lookingat my sandwich first or not, but he was right there, and he was, you know, flitting aroundas hummingbirds do, back and forth. And then he flew right over in front of my phoneand he hovered there, and I just looked at him. And then he dipped his snoutin the earphone there, and finding no nectar.

Then he flew away. Those things fascinate me. I spent over 20 yearsin the Air Force. I flew in the beginning. Flight fascinates me. And I understandthe kind of complexity that is associated with someof the equipment and the systems that we have to put togetherin order to get a metal beast off the ground and to fly. And yet in the smallestcreatures–as much as I detest mosquitoes, you have to thinkabout the mosquito and how the mosquitohas the capability not only to maneuver, to fly to maneuver, it has ability to detect–asgross as it is–food source. It has the ability to detectenemies and danger. It has the ability to landon a moving surface. The incredible complexity that is bound upin the smallest creatures. And then we haveDr. Joe Deweese, who is now telling us that in the very depthof the cell we have the most incredible complexity. I’m a computer scientist, and I know how difficultit is to build the kind of logic and systemsthat not only work, but are robust and have even the most miniscule abilityto to handle things that are not normal. And for us now to lookinto the depth of the cell and to see the increasingcomplexities we go down further. I am convinced fromGeneral Revelation around us that this is not the resultof a random process. It cannot be. And the exquisite beautyof what has been delivered to us is not satisfiedby a naturalistic view of the universe around us. Not only is it not satisfyingI believe it is nonsensical.

And anyone who can takethat position must be taking it as a result of what weunderstand the Scripture saying that we are blind. And we see not because ofthe good within us. We have nothingto boast before God, and that He has opened our eyesthat we may see. But we only boast in the graceof God and in the sacrifice that Christ made for us, that’s the only reasonwe can see it. But it is plain. I am convinced when God moved Paulto write those words that it is plain to man,it’s because it is plain to me. One other thing regarding General Revelationand my time is up, I’m sure. My father, my dad and I, used to–I grewup on a horse. And we would we would ride up into the mountainsof Idaho constantly. We were hunting. We were fishing. We were just ridingin the mountains. And I remember asthe smallest child, I suppose, that my dad could take out on overnight trips upinto the mountains, of lying down in the mountainsand gazing up at the stars. And that’s why I amso envious of Dr. Faulkner and the area thathe’s in, astronomy. Because when you stare at the stars and youlook at the sky, Psalm 19 is absolutely true. You know, the heavensdeclare the glory of God.

And there is somethingabout the immensity of the universe around us, the exquisite beautyof the world around us, the depth of the orderand complexity, and all of that that screams outthe glory of God. So I am convinced. I’m convinced fromSpecial Revelation. I’m convinced fromGeneral Revelation. And I believe nowI’m convinced internally because of the spirit of God that everything that we see around us has been given to usas a result of the Creator God. So that’s somewhatof a testimony, I suppose. Why am I creationist? I am because I’mconvinced of it. I’m absolutely convinced of it.

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