How Does the Natural World Reflect God? – Dr. Kurt Wise Part-2

Wherever you look, there is a limit for small, there is a limit for big. No – there are many places we have not visited yet. So does that excite you about science, right? This is part of what excites me.True, I don’t understand how people can’t get excited. I think that’s the way I was designed, but it’s amazing. It is beautiful There are so many things going on here, maybe that makes me excited. People see something and I see a lot. There is a lot of stuff that is science. You see something, but the scientist digs and sees something that no one has seen before. This is a limitation. truth.

If you want to look that way. People like to climb mountains because people do not climb mountains. Well, science is a place where you can see things that have never been seen before, inside or behind. The deeper we go into space, or the deeper we dig into everything around us, it seems that we find these amazing systems and interrelationships that you convey. There is so much more. A lot can be found here. So look at this little man. We got – whoops, I don’t want to hurt it. Here is a little caterpillar – oh I contaminated it. we go there. I want to love her.

So we have a caterpillar here. The amazing thing that God has created with it – the process we call indirect evolution, the process by which an organism differs greatly from its adult form when it is born or bred. There are clearly two different life forms. As in this case, you have something that is a caterpillar in a certain part of its life, eats a certain type of food during that time, and then moves to a cocoon and a completely different type of organism – one Butterfly or an insect. And in this whole process, in that link, the easy way to do it, you think, is just growing wings and legs and that’s the way. Take pre-existing legs. There are three legs – six legs. So you think you were spreading your legs, the antenna was growing from there – but no, it starts dissolving in all its tissues, and the cells are rebuilding themselves in a completely different type of organism.

Actually, if you saw them – whoops. Separately – took a dive. I think she is fine. If you look at them differently, then you would think that they are actually different kinds of creatures rather than two different stages. There are some organisms that go through three stages. There are some plants that go through three different stages, each phase looking fundamentally different, so the entire life cycle goes through very different looking stages. A little picture of how it is – amazing design, beautiful – maybe even he wants to change us. We did not look that beautiful before we knew him, and he can take that broken life and create a wonderful, beautiful life in his time and in his own way. It was – Paul was talking about it, when we convert it later it will be like a seed converting into something different. So there is a deep change happening there. Acorns do not look like an oak. It’s ridiculous, I – you know, that oak remains.

There is a small tree there. It does not look like an oak tree. An embryonic oak tree that looks very different from growing. It is like two different organisms, two different life stages, and again, change – it does not look like oak from a seed, it wants to transform into a powerful oak. Is there a difference between the two? Not in a sense. A seed in its adult form from the moment it emerges as a seed. People are the same. From the moment we conceive, we are fully human throughout our lives, because God sees who we are, what we do not.

We are not human because we can worship God. We are not human because we can do something for the benefit of God. We are human beings, and these abilities are given to who we are and who love us. We are not given any value to humanity or because we can do something for God in everything. We value what we are. This means that a child born in the womb has the same value as a person dying in a hospital bed as well as a productive person in society. Completely human from beginning to end, because God values ​​humanity for who we are.

One of the deeper questions is why is God interested in men? What is man, you are paying attention to him – what is he who pays attention to him? In Psalm 8, you hold him lower than the angels and crown him with glory, and put everything under his feet. It made us rulers of the universe. He is entitled to be the ruler of the universe. He created it all. He is the one who deserves power, but he created it with the intention of ruling these things despite knowing it. He said, let us create equality in our image and let them dominate. They handed it to us. We do not deserve this. We were not chosen because we are the smartest. We were not – because most of the time we are not. We were not chosen because we are the only person with this ability. We were chosen because it set us up as managers, and this is a great opportunity – a part of being truly scientific. Understanding creation to govern it properly If we are the ruler, then we need to deal with what we rule. We have to serve whatever we manage.

How do we see something we don’t understand? I’m telling the story, but here we have the caterpillar we have. If a child finds a caterpillar and always experiences it. Kamala, like a caterpillar. And my mom and dad came and caught the caterpillars, can I catch them? Can he live with me? And of course, they are right. Now how do we hide it? What are we feeding him? If you do not know what a caterpillar should eat, then most likely you will not give it the right thing and it will die.

If you don’t understand who you dominate, you can probably hurt him. unwillingly. Science is a way to better understand our creation so that we – God’s creation – can fulfill the needs of that creation and serve it. And this is another fascinating application of science. To be a manager, we have to do science to understand what is being done. Like a farmer. If he does not understand wheat, maize, sorbet or whatever is growing, he will probably not be a very good farmer. That’s right, that’s right. So we need to better understand the composition around us to fulfill our role. Oh yeah Absolutely.

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