What is the True Origin of Species? – Dr. Todd Wood

So what did Todd interest you in biology? I’ve always been interested in biology. I remember three, four-year-old Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and the Detroit Zoo, and being driven around in a little red carriage, you know, looking at it with my family and all the animals was incredible. And this is just a shocking thing. I knew it would always be very sinister in my future. Tod, when we walk around such a zoo, the first thing I mean is not the beauty of all these creatures, but the aesthetics in that variety. This is just the difference. All these creatures have nice differences but still there is a lot about them. As a biologist, what do you see when you see all these creatures? Yes, especially when I see these lions, I see cats too. And you know, all the other cats here are at the zoo.

They all have cats, which is really obvious. Obviously, they started playing, right? You watch and watch them lick themselves and clean themselves or play with some kind of ball or something – they are just like a cat. – They look like cats. I mean, he looks like playing around and they do this kind of work, and for this kind of endeavor, the scientists will put him in a family called Felidae and I’ll call the Felids the same kind of representatives. Continuity, equality is so important that yes, these people are all descendants of the same couple in Therak and eventually breed all the different types of cats we have today. So Todd, how do we get that variety? They are cats, but they look different.

Yes, they look absolutely different. This is a good question. Who gets all this variety? In other words, they definitely claim to an evolutionist that this is natural selection and that there have been mutations and changes that took years, but for the creators, I look at these designs, these designs were already built inside the cat created by Noah. These features were expressed as the spread and spread of cats around the world. As we see in dogs. All types of dogs. This is how – – Dogs are a great analogy. I mean, just a few hundred years, we actually got a wolf-like creature and we got it to all these crazy breeds, Chihuahua, St. Bernard, and German Shepherd, and I think these are the cats here.

Inside the cat that came off the ship, the two cats that came out of the ship had the potential to produce the various cats we have today. It was simply raising it and distributing the cats to the world. And when they left, there were Lions and Tigers that appeared later. So, basically, the cat and the original dog had a lot of potential in them. – Huge amounts of potential: Like genetic potential, they are all programmed into these creatures that are suitable for going out. So over time, when we breed what we do to dogs, we basically infect some of these genes. Yes, so – in the dog’s genome, whatever is in the dog’s genome, because if we reveal different parts of different genetics and combinations Dalmatians and Ho whatever.

About the lion who is here with the lions. So, rather than a random coincidence, all these different species seem to come from a region-wide design. Oh yes yes. And it’s not just a God-like design, you know, the lion designed and built – God created something that Alien could create. So more, you know, multi-tool or like a Swiss army knife, you have all these parts inside, you can take off when you need it, but it’s all just one thing. I think God created cats like this. You have these symptoms that can come when needed. We can see some of these variations still happening today. So you get a lion here, you cross it with a tiger, you find a lion. But this thing will be much bigger than his family. Here are the symptoms that occur. And in the midst of all this diversity and diversity, and even while creating variety, there is beauty, you can still have this cat, right? So you get a real leopard, it works. You know, these are not broken things or fancy things. They’re the real deal.

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