What is the Orchard of Creation? – Dr. Todd Wood

So, the tree of life that we see in textbooks is a picture where everything starts with one thing, and all this diversity and exquisite beauty that we see, it comes again, so to speak. Then you are right I mean, evolutionism would say that there is only one tree, and they are all based on the foundation of a common ancestor, the tree. But I wouldn’t say, there is actually more than one tree. There is a sad tree with all cats on it, a junior tree with all dogs on it, an icy tree with all the bears on it, a tree with all the horses on it. Each species created has its own separate tree, so what you get is not a big tree of life, but something like, anarchy or forest, where you have lots of wood.

Different trees all grow together from the same formed foundation. But there are trees in this forest with lots of branches, and it is now divided into all species of all kinds. Yes, definitely. So you know that it all starts with creativity, right? So they have a common origin, but individual trees, so they are not all about a common ancestor. They all belong to their common ancestors. Namely, ancestor of a cat, ancestor of horse and whatever. And so, over time, especially after the flood, when you experience this period of upheaval, where creatures can change everywhere.

What data does it show us? I think so. At the end of creation week, I start with what I read in Genesis, which tells me, you know, that all these different creatures are already there. There are things that fly, things that float, and things that creep, and when I look at the data of nature, I see both similarities and differences.

Therefore, an evolutionary biologist would say look at all the similarities and it puts everything on a common evolutionary tree, and I would say that yes, there are similarities, but there are important differences. And the important difference, and this is really important, they are happening exactly where I expected them to. So I look at the Bible and I see things flying, floating things, that kind of thing, these are really big categories. I don’t see you talking about personal styles. If you read Genesis 1 and 2, you will not see lions, tigers, and things like that. So it must be somewhere between the bird and the individual bird species.

This is where I think I will find these differences. I find them here. One more, one time, and one time. Amazing. And you know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. Hey, the Bible works, It always makes me happy when I think of you. But that’s really how it works in this case. I come to know of these differences, which make me fully aware of what I see in Scripture. I see the difference where it should be. As a scientist, when you look at this data and everything you see, it seems that what you are saying is that the genesis paradigm responds better to all these data. Yeah, I think so too. I mean, I finally think it is because it embraces both equality and difference. Now, as we said earlier, there are still a lot of questions, but I am sure that our paradigm can clarify. I am sure that these answers will be found.

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