Capitol Rebellion: A Timeline Per Hour

There is no one in the sky who would not see a blimp. I don’t think you can find any one person to watch the blimp. There is something magical about the airship. Like any child who goes to the market and buys a bubble of ahalium, he realizes that it is a magical quality. So, an airship is the same thing, on an absurd scale. Zeppelin was once at the forefront of aviation innovation.

It looks like a 1992 scene. The airship is now commonly used for advertising or aerial transmissions and even military purposes, but in fact, there may be a new future of transportation and shipping with airships at the center. What we are building is a part of the transportation industry that does not exist, never exists. It’s probably been a while since you last saw a zeppelin in America. So what’s up with zeppelins? A zeppelin and a zeppelin mean the same, usually being lighter than air, with helium-like gas-filled rotting planes. It really is like flying in a boat. It gives you the feeling of a boat in the water. Many people think that it is a motorized balloon. And how hard can it be? But this is probably one of the hardest things I’ve learned to fly. There are different types of airships that have a spike-like structure, semi-rigid or rigid and non-rigid grids.

That is, a blimp moves its shape in a balloon in the same way as the pressure of the gas inside it expands and makes it shape. If a blimp comes out, it loses its shape. A rigid airship has a rigid frame. In the early 1900s, aircraft were still playful and wooden and could not move much. Then the planes rapidly renewed their previous airplanes. There are some major accidents like Hindenburg. There is a limit to what an airship can do. To be fair, Hindenburg probably reached this limit, it was the best thing an airship could do. The world had never seen an aircraft as a silver armor, the famous Hindenburg.

Now, it was already old when it first flew. Passengers looked down almost immediately and saw the east coast of America passing beneath them. Hindenburg had 62 successful flights before the crash. Hindenburg was a successful transatlantic aircraft. You can have the greatest thrill in modern days. By 1936. I enjoyed the trip very much. This was a real revelation. right? In fact, no zeppelin could fly fast, fly far, actually carry more people. It will carry 50 passengers, 40 crew members and 30,000 pounds of mail. It was 804 feet long and was the largest aircraft ever built. Everyone mentions that the Hindenburg crash is the end of the Zeppelin.
Everything he did was a little fast at the end. Hindenburg’s seven million cubic meters of hydrogen gashead was ignited. Airships will end anyway because they cannot be heavier than aircraft. Thus the age of Zeppelin has ended. Now, there are only 39 registered airports in the United States, and at least three of them currently fly the iconic Goodyear Zeppelin. Goodyear has at least four more registered but has not been used. And as of 2019, only 124 out of over 425,000 commercial pilots in the United States have an airship flight rating.

Then only 13 of these people fly with Goodyear. Goodyear was founded in 1898 during the American Industrial Revolution. Okay, Blimp and Goodyear are synonymous. Since 1925 we have a public relations aircraft flying in a certain shape or style. I will pull you and your crew from the surfboard riders behind the plane. God, I want to try this. We entered the rubber and fabric business in the early 1900s. This fabric was used to make the balloon a part of the balloon. In 1917, Goodyear was manufacturing zeppelin and zeppelin for the US Navy. And many people are surprised that the United States has a fleet of solid airplanes.

They were operated by our Navy and designed as flying aircraft carriers. The Naval Durval is preparing for a glider free flight towards Los Angeles. These giant airplanes used to fly in the air, and they had small, heavy-to-heavy aircraft and observation aircraft that they carried, as aircraft carriers floated in the ocean and landed and rescued the planes. During World War II, the US Navy used airplanes to control American waters. We are seeing a huge loss of surface ship in the sea. When they embarked on the program at Zeppelin, they were rescuing ships across the sea.
At that time, they improved our military program with the technology we had did. And Goodyear continued to build its own airplanes after World War II, mainly for PR and marketing reasons as we still do today. And basically we had the same model throughout 2016 from mid-2016 to the end of 2016.

Goodyear Zeppelin is technically no longer Zeppelin. As of 2014, Goodyear’s airships are semi-rigid aircraft and were built in partnership with Zeppelin. Now, they are more moveable, have three engines, and are larger than the older model. One of Goodyear’s main airship functions is now Hawaii. We have a handful of private networks. So golf, a bit of NFL work, NBA, NASCAR clearly Goodyear is in the air with both our tires and our balloons.

So when we’re in a small town in Kentucky that we haven’t done in 20 years, the whole city will move in. When we get there, the fans stand in line. I think this is part of the rarity. The inconsistency that we have because some of us are actually one of our biggest assets, the blimp is still used for advertising, but there are more cost-effective ways for companies to deliver their messages. We are now in the online digital world.

And if you want to message people efficiently and effectively, does it make any sense to fly around to rent a balloon or simply advertise online? Flying by plane is expensive because helium is very expensive. Actually, why CNBC made another video. Helium can be incredibly abundant in the universe, but it is rare on Earth. You have to find it. You have to heal, you cannot make. And that’s why it is expensive. Hydrogen, another lifting gas, is more dangerous to us because it is more flammable. But despite this, some companies are working to bring the farms into the future. There are several airship projects currently underway in the world.

Lockheed has an ongoing airship project, right? Actually, he flew a prototype in 2006. There is a company in Great Britain called Hybrid AirVicheles. Ready for takeoff. The company hopes to sell its UK-made airship to the rest of the world. He flew a small airship called the Airlander 10, a basic airship for the US Army. They are currently working on developing a larger, more practical airship. There is a company called Flying Whales. Flying Whales is a French company that has developed the world’s largest airship, the world’s largest aircraft. It is about their ability to deliver cargo and their cargo to inaccessible places.

The goal is to develop a solution that suggests loading and unloading up to 60 tons of cargo and transporting this cargo without any transport infrastructure, meaning we never need land for loading and unloading Will not happen. Without the need to arrange a new railway or to build a new airport in these difficult-to-reach areas, it greatly reduces shipping costs. But the flying whale does not yet have an airplane built, and it is a little difficult to figure out how to balance the airship with its cargo load. What happens when you drop that heavy thing or leave it on the ground? is it true? Will he shoot Boom, right. It is always a matter of balance. We use a lot of digital simulations to work on it.

The idea is that as the zeppelin depletes tons of cargo, it will take an equal amount of weight to compensate for the loss of load, whether in water or on building materials. It would eventually take hundreds of million dollars to produce zeppelin. We already have some big investors. Such as the Government of Quebec and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China and more. The Flying Whale plans to build its first factory to begin construction of the airplane in late 2021. After this, there are plans to fly in 2023.

After undergoing rigorous testing and standards, Flyingvale planned to enter the commercial space in 2025. This could be something that will bridge the entire global economy and global society into areas that are somewhat distant and disconnected today. Without greatly affecting the environment. It is quite prestigious for the future of transportation. We all need to think about our impact on the environment. This is the truth.

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