What happened to the Zeppelins?

One more thing to say, Lester, as we are trying to figure out… Okay, this looks like the Capitol. Now, police, let me leave you for a second, because things are developing so fast Huh. The government did this to us. We were normal, good, law abiding citizens. They could no longer hold them back. Right here, we will reach the Capitol, Down the Mall, where President Trump will raise his grievances in front of his supporters at a nearby rally. And he was warning of revenge for Republicans who did not agree to challenge these results.

In Capitol Hill, a joint session of Congress entered the Chamber and Senate chambers, discussing objections from GOP lawmakers over the election results in Arizona. Some protests are taking place outside the Capitol. They are tired of the result and like Trump supporters are trying to bypass some of these security zones around the Capitol. USA USA The enate would stand in recess until the call of the chair. We will stop. The protesters are in the building. We have visual evidence that some protesters broke into the Capitol building, around the security zone, and gathered in the area where the Senate was sitting. There was said to be tear gas in Rotunda. Assembly members were informed that they were required to wear gas masks. Gas masks under our seats. Senators were ejected. There are gunshots inside the Capitol Building. I think putting the United States Congress in a busy conference hall as a physical risk is the most shocking failure of security because they are not prepared to deal with it.

There is currently a disturbing image of the Capitol Hill Police showing a blood-soaked victim from Capitol Hill. Today is a heart wrenching day. And it has to be stopped, and the first person to help stop it will be the president. What law enforcement was on Capitol Hill thinking today by not securing the Capitol. From the President: Please support the Capitol Police and law enforcement, they really stand by our country, live in peace. First of all, are you and your coworkers safe now? Yes, everyone is safe. I don’t want to give my place, but I’ll tell you, it’s crazy. Whoever calls himself a Republican like me, should be ashamed of it right now. Here, you can actually see it here, it is a caravan of the Metropolitan Police Department. So it is not the Capitol Police. It is not the National Guard. This is the District of Columbia Police. They came in riots and stormed into the Capitol Building. We have seen others from the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies. And in the last few minutes, we have seen some snipers.

We circled for hours in the United States Capitol. I cannot imagine a major failure by giving a commander-in-chief of such a mess and stopping the Capitol and throwing him by storm. They attacked the Capitol. They are running now. An improvised explosive device was found in the Capitol. It did not explode. An explosive device was placed at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee. It was an explosive reality, a bomb squad exploded and no one was hurt. This is actually putting petrol on the fire. And we should not only insist on rhetoric, but extremist groups should also benefit from it. I urge this crowd to step back and let the work of democracy proceed.

I urge President Trump to appear on national television to fulfill his oath and demand to protect the Constitution and end this siege. What is happening today is something unprecedented in American history. And when you have violent gangs that are attacking the floor of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, and the President’s response was that you love these people. It is strongly against the Constitution and against the peaceful transition of power and the values ​​on which this republic is built. And it was bigger than Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It is much bigger than that. It was about our Constitution against democracy and anarchy. We should stay in session. We should fulfill our constitutional duty and end this process and have 306 electoral votes approved for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The Capitol Building has been approved.

They are now working to vacate the capitol area. The Associated Press is now reporting, and NBC News reported that police used the Capitol and demonstration capital grenades, which began cleaning up protesters in the US Capitol. However, something has just gone wrong. I accept it. Well, if I were up, I should be fired. Today a bullet was going on in the Capitol and indeed, the bullet that killed the victim. I think you like it The public can say. I would call it disgusting, unacceptable, unforgivable. This man, Trump, as president, is not fit to serve as commander-in-chief.

Twitter deleting tweets in Donald Trump’s account will be locked for 12 hours after deletion.The United States Senate will not fear. We will not be kept away from this room due to bandits, gangs or threats. The President’s votes for the United States are as follows. Joseph R. of the State of Delaware Biden Jr. He received 306 votes. Donald J. of Florida State Trump received 232 votes. The votes of the United States Vice President are as follows. Kamala D. Harris from the state of California.

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