SpaceX Starship || Elon Musk says SpaceX is developing offshore spaceships

The starship, SpaceX’s undeveloped giant rocket, is designed to send humans to Mars, which can be set to send people around the planet in less than an hour. It is no longer a secret that SpaceX and founder Elon Musk want to develop a floating spaceport that will provide the launch site for the company’s super heavy launch vehicles. SpaceX will use these giant rockets to travel from the upcoming large payload rockets starship to the Moon and Mars, as well as point-by-point around the Earth. However, the plan to actually develop the Marinlanche platforms apparently lacked teeth for a long time. Neither post mentions “starship”, but both are located in Brownsville.

The city of Brovesville, Texas, about 30 minutes from the southeastern tip of the state, is in the midst of Boca Chica Village, a retirement-aged home community where SpaceX built and tested the starship rocket prototype. The company is expanding its testing and development area in the region and is also trying to increase the resources allocated for its activities in the state. In this video, Engineering Today will discuss why SpaceX wants to build an alien spaceport near Texas for its starship rocket? Let’s get into the details. On Tuesday June 16, CEO Elon Musk responded to a report about a SpaceX job posting.

The post seen by a Twitter user named “Cowboy Dan Paish” is a start for an offshore operations engineer. “SpaceX is building a super-heavy-class spaceport for hypersonic travel around Mars, the Moon, and Earth,” Musk said in response to the post. To realize this passion, SpaceX will need to find a way to efficiently pressurize the system, refuel and package the propellant; A skyscraper launch tower and crane; One or perhaps 2 landing pads with launch slots; Crew quarters, propulsion, main sources of power and more on a cuddle ship. While the post itself was exciting news, Musk said on Twitter that these inter-Earth flights could begin relatively soon: However, it is not very clear whether the proposed floating space would be fixed or perhaps tracked by the proposed Musk.

The much smaller footsteps of SpaceX’s current booster rescue drone ships. Vikas points out that SpaceX’s inter-Earth travel plan is an important aspect of starship plans. The SpaceX starship rocket was first introduced by Musk in September 2017 under the title “BFR”, where he updated the world in SpaceX’s plan to build cities on Mars and fill them with one million or more people. On the same occasion, Musk has a detailed plan for inter-earth travel that can allow passengers to travel around the world in less than an hour. A flight from Los Angeles to New York, typically five hours and 25 minutes, would be only twenty-five minutes with a SpaceX starship. The journey from London to Hong Kong, usually of 11 hours and 50 minutes, will take only 34 minutes. During the presentation, Musk shared the SpaceX starship rocket passengers descending from an ocean platform near New York City, then landing them on a similar floating spaceport near Shanghai.

Musk named his high-speed transportation concept “World to World”. Based on the concepts released by the company in 2017, it can be determined that SpaceX Starship’s floating launch facilities will likely be at least 300 meters (1000 ft) long and about 100 meters (330 ft) wide, and will displace a large number . Of ton. For reference, this type of platform will be 10 times larger than SpaceX’s soccer field size drone ships and much larger than the typical US American block. “It will come true,” Musk wrote on Tuesday. The idea of ​​launching the Ocean platform is not new. F

or example, an organization called Sea Launch first launched an orbital orbit Zenit rocket from a platform in the Atlantic Ocean in March 1999. Although SpaceX required operational experience to launch rocket platforms, more than four dozen first-stage propellants, the most expensive part of the launch system, saw various complex engines attached to their bases, landing and landing them on drone ships . . The booster is repaired and reused, saving SpaceX millions of dollars per dollar and the company remains competitive in price. When a Twitter user upgraded SeaLaunch and Zenit Rocket, Musk responded: “Zenit is more than a Starhip system.It is a small layout and does not return and land. “It seems that SpaceX is set to leap forward with safety as the driving factor. The spaceship is an important part of the SpaceX program.

Musk suggested in November 2019 that SpaceX should build the spacecraft.About twenty miles off shore to land the starship with little risk. This will help ensure proper noise levels, considering that it will offer daily flights. Compared to regular airports, it is far from over: John F. Kennedy in New York is just twelve miles from the GrandCentral Terminal.

Musk suggested that the spacecraft could be connected to Hyper Loop, a vacuum-sealed pod switching system that Musk claimed could reach speeds of up to 700 mph.Take-off and landings are not thin. But you might be a few miles from the spaceport.” The powered Incat ship is also suitable for land-to-platform transport. These will not be fun flights. Flights to Mars allow people to share enough space comfortably, while inter-Earth flights carry 1,000 people without any space for facilities. Cost-wise, Space Review estimates that it could run around $ 1,200 per person in October 2017. The idea is that by going sideways or beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, you can significantly reduce fuel costs and flight times. SpaceX is seriously interested in building ocean-based spaceports.

These platforms can be used for various tasks, and officials have previously announced that they plan to work on multiple projects at the same time. The firm may operate on a lunar basis, for example, while simultaneously working on a Mars city. If it works as a musk prediction, the system can be started several times a day, minimizing the cost per pound to start something at 1,000 times or more intervals.

To that end, Musk encouraged Staffship to make it his “top SpaceX priority” and recruited nearly 1,000 employees to work at the vehicle-for-manufacturing facility in Boca Chica – the CEO building a viable, low-cost What the system sees as the key. . SpaceX is currently in the midst of a crash program to turn the starship into a safe and fully reusable launch system. It is unclear whether these ocean-based spacecraft will host the first SpaceX starship flights.

Musk recently claimed that the company is searching for sea and land-based launch facilities in Boca Chica in Texas and NASA’s launch complex 39A in Florida, so things are still untenable. Regardless, hiring engineers is a strong indication that SpaceX is indeed pursuing all three options seriously. SpaceX recently received a NASA contract to convert the starship into a moon landing vehicle.

The company aims to fly Japanese fashion billionaire Yusaku Mezawa around the moon in 2023, then to Marcin 2024 to its first customers. In the midst of this work, SpaceX hopes to commission its high-speed Earth Transportation System. The ultimate goal of the plan may be to replace difficult long-haul aircraft flights. Musk is known for his adventurous declarations of setting up bases on the Moon and Mars for interplanetary travel for his journey, but his “hypersonic journey around the Earth” may intensify. Musk tweeted on Tuesday.

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