SpaceX’s Starship: FAA closes SN9’s test flight crash investigation | SpaceX’s $74 billion valuation

Hello friends, welcome to engineering today and wish you a wonderful weekend. Today we have back-to-back SpaceX news for our viewers. Let’s start with SpaceX starship. The FAA closes the investigation of SpaceX’s Starship SN9 explosion. On Friday, February 19, 2021, a representative from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said online, “The FAA closed the investigation into the SpaceX Starship SN9 prototype crash on February 2, The FAA’s Clearance. License update.

It is only a few days when we are preparing for high-altitude testing of SpaceX’s latest starship prototype of Starship SN10. Elon Musk’s aviation company SpaceX has a ten-kilometer test flight from its south Is intensifying its pre-launch activities to launch the SN10 for the Texas Launch SN10 launch. The Federal Aviation Administration has ended its investigation into the SN9 disaster flight (which began on February 2, But a landing ended with an explosion).

FAA officials said in a web release, “FAA, SpaceX provided oversize. The SNA 9 device investigated by the SNN crash failed within the limits of FAA safety analysis. The unsuccessful landing and explosion did not endanger the public or all debris was located within the designated danger zone, with the FAA approving the latest crash report probable causes and corrective actions. One of the FAA officials said that SpaceX launched the SN8 in December last year, which exceeded its maximum limit Denied claim. Public safety risk. He said that work will continue when they complete an investigation into the incident and receive the FAA. The delay was due to SN10 being severely irritated preoperatively. Musk.They have regulations. For spendable launches per year from many state facilities.

Under these rules, humanity can never reach Mars. Will not reach.Musk recently stated that his goal is to send a starship prototype to reach Earth orbit by 2021 and normal manned missions by 2023. Upgrades are in operation with a series of prototypes.This was the last capital increase in August 2020. There is a 60% increase in valuations compared to the current price. The current price is $ 419.99 per share. SpaceX didn’t get off to a great start, but instead the company failed with many failures. Some of their projects were unprofitable. But now SpaceX Is making more profit with its Starship and StarLink projects.

SpaceX’s StarLink project creates a mega planetarium that brings high-speed Internet connections to its customers. Earlier this month, Musk stated that “SpaceX will be launched next year Or later Starlink will have to go through a deep negative cash flow gap to make it financially friendly. SpaceX previously stated that a star-link It will cost about 10 billion dollars to build the constellation. However, upon completion, SpaceX estimates that Starlink will earn $ 30 billion annually, ten times the annual revenue of the company’s rocket business.

SpaceX has launched more than 1000 Starlink satellites in orbit so far and is looking for more launches in the coming days. According to FCC filings, there are currently more than 10,000 users of the Starlink public beta in the United States and abroad. Starlink’s popularity is increasing day by day and one day it probably won’t. 1 option for customers. According to Carissa Christenson, CEO of Bryce Space and Technology, “There is an already established market… so Starlink is trying to enter this market.Although Wrinkle is a large part of SpaceX’s evaluation, it can be successful.The fully functional starship vehicle, originally designed to land humans on Mars, compared to the Saturn V rockets Expected to be more powerful that carry astronauts to the moon., Quilty Analytics’ Chris Quilty, founder, described Musk’s starship and Starlink projects as “two Manhattan projects running in parallel.” . “” Historically, the market has also been associated with human spaceflight potentially … almost entirely driven by government budgets.SpaceX, a private space The company often faces difficulties while trying to understand its finances is. However, its investors expect SpaceX to be a successful company to bring people to the Moon and Mars. This means that Musk will bring his dream of colonizing Mars into reality.

According to Arc Invest analyst Sam Corus, SpaceX could become a trillion dollar company in the future.SpaceX’s Starlink update. As we know, SpaceX is delivering its StarLink satellites into space, providing its customers with high-speed, low-latency Internet connectivity. The number of Starlink users is increasing day by day and customers are enjoying fast internet connection at home. However, there are some exceptions. Not everyone is excited about receiving Starlink Internet service. A small village in northern France, with a population of 350, is Saint-Senier-de-Beveron and not a single person is happy with Musk’s Starlink Internet service. This project is completely new.”We have no idea about the impact of these signs, which is only 20 kilometers from the majestic Mont Saint-Michel monastery on the English Channel,” said Nomi Breault, the village’s former deputy mayor. Starlink ground antennas receive these signals and transmit them to individual user terminals connected by cable. According to information, SpaceX’s Starlink Internet service previously received French legal approval to install nine “radomes” in Saint-Saunier.

This three-meter-high (10-foot) areas are used to protect the antennas. However, in December, Saint-Senier decided to block construction. François Dufour, a Green Council member and retired farmer, said that locals are concerned about SpaceX’s Starlink Internet service.Social networks, the Internet, they already exist – why do we need Internet searches per month?” Anne-Marie Falguères, a local resident, said, “We are not attacking Elon Musk. We are not a bayophob. There is a guide in my bay, my website, my husband works from home. But these antennas are completely There are new ones, at least. “He also spoke of the financial side. I don’t think everyone can pay for it.

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