Q. Did you know? I am Quisha and today I will surprise you a lot, ie 20 moments you will not believe if they were not saved before starting this interesting video, if you liked our videos, don’t forget to share them, subscribe and Turn on the notification bell to get lots of surprises and happiness from me every day! The opening of the Situation 20 Today video is the scene of a fireworks celebration in the 2013 Bulgarian Premier League competition organized by sports fans of the Levsky Sophia football team, I must say this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. human history! Playing with situation 19 giant African elephants should be a difficult task in the game, but this man – Acrobat Cassali – worked with these elephants to create a fascinating performance.

let’s find out! Situation 18 If any of you love sports and animals, you should not leave the moment. This is a video that went viral on social media as it showed the scene where 2 parrots … can play basketball professionally in front of a “cat”. Ref. Wow, this is so cute! Situation 17 Situation 16 Perhaps because she was too tired of the traditional skiing method, this man – Gaye Raima and his friends – decided to change their destination and challenged the slipping of thousands of trees in this way!

Case 15 He was very ready to see his kite flying above the sky, but unfortunately not only is the kite flying there, he is almost there

Case 14 Wow! Check it out, bowling should be normal, but this way bowling as well as skating can only be done by this woman! Good news for my big fans, I now have 10 iPhone 12s to expand my channel to 3 million subscribers and I want to join them in the lucky draw. If you find this video interesting, quickly like and share it so that people can enjoy these fun moments, subscribe and get more videos, turn on your notification bell!

Then leave a comment and explain why you like this video. Good luck situation 13 He was ready to hit the ball, do you think he would make it? …. I … I don’t think so, but let’s see the results now! Situation 11 If you like to play table tennis and want to practice every day then you don’t need anyone, yet you can play alone like this!

Case 10: Another great basketball game is considered “weird – weird – and genius” because it was created by parrots! Looks so weird, huh?

Case 9: If you are a table tennis lover, I bet this is one of the most shared moments of today’s video!

Case 8: This video was posted on social media by cat owner Chris Dixon, and has been viewed millions of times in a short span of time. So, in the video, Cat really surprises people with her professional skills, exactly like a real actor. Let’s check it out now! …

Case 7: To become a professional skateboarder, sometimes a player has to face many such deadly challenges!

Case 6: Skydiving should be everyone’s dream, but the game also involves very risky threats and in this case the player was able to react very quickly, which allowed him to overcome one of the biggest threats of his life Helped!

Case 5: A scene that caused a lot of controversy when the car came naturally right pointing at this old lady, hmm, would that be considered a miracle? What do you think about him?

Case 4: What do you think of a helicopter that can carry out multiple attacks in the air? Ah, this multifunctional Bo 105 helicopter belongs to the Boltau of the Stuttgart organization, and the pilot controlling it was Chakron, who managed to do such a magnificent work of art!

Case 3: Beware of this situation, do you think this water skier is very lucky? Take a closer look, okay?

Case # 1: I should be standing in front of the mirror for the first time, I think this spider was very surprised at how beautiful it was, suddenly went crazy and gave such a weird dance show! End of this video, please take a few seconds to like and share it so that more and more people will appreciate making your day worthwhile for you! Thank you for watching my video. And now, goodbye and see you!

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